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October 28, 2011

You don't have to buy anything to get these free gifts, all you have to do is stop by a Sephora inside of Jcpenneys, and hand them these printed out coupons!

Free Bare Minerals mini kabuki brush & foundation in your own color!
Free Bare Minerals mini lip gloss in shade Confidence!

I have gotten both, I love my little baby kabuki brush! And the lip gloss is a very pretty color.
Try to get in before 11/1, that's when the lip gloss offer ends! But not the foundation, I'm pretty sure.


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August 27, 2011

I love grilled cheese sandwiches. LOVE.
But I get bored with the plain cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches, so I started just adding things to it. First I made mozzarella & goat cheese, then i made mozzarella & truffle butter, (pure heaven!) and last night for dinner I made Pesto & Tomato Grilled Cheese, and Brie & Apricot Jam Grilled Cheese! They were both equally amazing. I didn't want to share them with my family, I wanted to eat them all myself!
My camera, unfortunately, is broken at the moment, so you'll have to imagine them until I can post photos.
But, for all who'd like it, here's the recipe for both!

Pesto & Tomato Grilled Cheese

I used sourdough bread, buttered both sides, and spread Pesto on one slice. I layered Brie & Monterey Jack cheese, and then slices of tomato. I grilled until slightly brown on both sides on a lightly greased skillet! It smelled so delicious, and tasted so :)

Brie & Apricot Jam Grilled Cheese

Made the same way as the Pesto & Tomato, but I spread Apricot Jam on one slice of sourdough, and layered Monterey Jack and Brie.

These were GREAT sandwiches, so if you're a Grilled Cheese lover, give these a try!
Have a fantastic afternoon!
July 5, 2011

I found a treat so delicious, I had to post on it! I went to my local vietnamese market, and bought this little dessert called Banh In Khoai Mon. I saw it, and it looked like just this little wafer filled with paste wrapped in plastic.  I asked the store owner's son what it was, he said it was like a sweet cookie with Taro (a lovely root vegetable) filling. He told me it's so sweet it makes his teeth hurt. Well, I absolutely love sweet things and that sounded delightful. So I bought one!
I came home, made myself some tea, and opened this cute little cookie.
boyohboyohboy was it good! I was surprised. It tasted so sweet yet so light! I loved the texture of the wafer.

The look of the wafer kind of reminds me of a LUSH bubble bar ( :

These go so well with PG Tips Tea!

So you've probably noticed that Cropped T-shirts are pretty in right now. I've noticed so many people wearing them everywhere. I don't have any, but I do have a cropped sweater I wear with my high waisted jeans! But, I saw a picture on a website that made me reaaaally want one.

(photo from stylecompare.com)

How pretty is that? I love it paired with the skirt (I have one similar, if only I had a cropped shirt to compliment it!)
When I saw that photo, i realized, why buy one when I have a similar T-shirt to make one out of?

So, Here you go!

I started with a striped T shirt, just a cheapie one I found at sam's club.
And I cut the back and sides out, until i had two strips, a few inches apart!

I cut the fabric between the strips a little bit shorter than the rest, so it doesn't bunch up when I tie it.

Aaaand Voila!

It's not amazing, but it's good enough for me. (And easy and cheap too!)
I'm going to wear it to the beach that I live so very close to but barely visit! 

I'm a huge fan of anchors, so this is lovely!

Now..what to do with all the scraps? Ideas, please ( :

June 30, 2011

My great grandfather gave my mother his book collection before he died. He had so many books from the late 1800's and early 1900's. I went through his books and decided to read a few, I read two books full of poetry from John Keats, Edgar Allan Poe, and William Shakespeare. One book that really stood out to me, was a book called "Polite Society at Home and Abroad- A Complete Compendium of Information upon all Topics Classified under the Head of Etiquette." 

Yes..Etiquette! The whole books teaches how to use your manners when at the dinner table, a formal party, at the marketplace, even writing letters! It teaches wives how to treat their husbands, husbands to treat their wives, and children to treat adults. That chapter was particularly funny, it basically told children to keep their mouths shut unless permitted to speak!

One of my favorite paragraphs:
A lady can travel anywhere, without an escort, and hear no disrespectful language, or sneers, and she can feel assured that, should an emergency arise, she would be accorded the amplest protection. 

Boyyyy have times changed! Ladies now hear disrespectful language no matter where they are!

The next book i'm reading is my great grandfather's favorite, Canal Town :)

June 13, 2011

My name is Quinne!
The point of this blog is to share with all of you the things that I love.
I love baking, makeup, tree climbing, bouldering, making mix tapes for my friends.
That all sounds pretty normal, right? 
Well to me these things make me smile, make me happy.
My whole family is very artistic.
My father with food, my sister with paint, my mother with jewelry. 
So when I was a child it was important to me to find what I was artistic at.
I found I was artistic at makeup, and I enjoy it very much!
I've also found that I'm artistic in the broad world of desserts.
Saffron Cake, Vanilla Bean Meringues, Nectarine Sorbet in a Chocolate Bowl.
It's so much fun to make these things, and especially fun to eat :)
I'll post recipes and photos as I come up with new ideas for desserts, so I can share them with you.
This is a blog about everything, and I hope you'll enjoy it!